About Katie

Hi! *Waves*

Katie Jacintho (Oh! That’s me!) grew up on the slopes of Haleakala in beautiful Upcountry Maui. Then (and whenever she goes back…), she could be found surrounded by animals, sketchbook and pencil in hand, lounging under a tree for days at a time. Currently, she is pursuing her dreams at Saint Martin’s University in Lacey Washington, where the squirrels are happy, and so is she. She is an English Major with a minor in Secondary Education, and one day, she hopes to return to Maui to teach at her old high school. Her motto: Laughter is the best medicine! And if that doesn’t work, try cake? 

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Katie Jacintho


Me, Bosley, and George, my “cousins”

I was born and raised on the island of Maui, where the chickens peck and the mongooses roam. I grew up surrounded by Hawaiian music, great food, and lots and lots of family and friends. There is always something to do back home, whether it’s enjoying a good book, taking care of the cows and horses, or just cruising around the island.

Along with my parents, I live with my brother, Daniel, who is currently residing in Montana for college, a dog, Freckles, who is my baby, three cats who I miss terribly, a few horses, many, many cows, and even a few pigs! Yup, ohana means something very special to us, even to the animals on our small ranch.

My family and I are extremely close. We love to go on “adventures” as we call them, driving to one side of the island all the way to the other to move cows, fix fences, or even just to relax at the beach. We love to laugh together, and you can bet that I’m always the first to crack a joke… That is…unless my dad beats me to it!


I will do anything for a perfect picture of autumn leaves!

I had been outside of Hawaii’s waters only three times in my life before making the decision to come to Saint Martin’s, and I never would have expected the adventure that I’ve gotten myself into. The spring-time colors, the chilly weather, the bright, smiling people, the challenging classes, the overall sense of community—they were all things that I expected at Saint Martin’s, but also things that I could have never truly prepared myself for until the day that I arrived. Yes, sometimes it’s hard, and many nights I spend wishing I was smelling sweet ginger outside my window instead of evergreens, but there is not a doubt in my mind that Saint Martin’s is the start of the next chapter in my life.

Shania and Jimmy-Bob
Shania, my cat, with an SMU monk, Jimmy Bob Jr.

At Saint Martin’s, I wear many hats. I am a student, majoring in English and pursuing a minor in Secondary Education. One day, I intend to return to Maui and teach English Language Arts with my own mischievous twist. I am a student worker, working in Marketing and Communications as Yours Truly, Katie Jacintho, SMU Blogger. I am a member of SMUFE, Saint Martin’s University’s Future Educators, and a member of Hui O Hawaii, Saint Martin’s Hawaii Club. I am a friend, a bit of a mother hen, and a member of the Saint Martin’s family. It’s a lot, but I’ll tell you a secret… I wouldn’t trade any of this for the world!

coffee selfie
Coffee please!

Being at Saint Martin’s University, all the way in sunny Washington State is a dream come true, and each day brings on new challenges and problems to solve. Many days begin with “What pair of shoes will keep me the driest for the day?” and end with “How much homework is enough for one night?” In between the two, I am never bored. Answering these questions is all part of one big adventure that I am sharing with you all. I hope you enjoy the ride as much as I do!