How to Enjoy the Springtime Sun

I am here to announce that SPRING HAS SPRUNG!!!



That’s right folks! Bring out your shorts and t-shirts, slather on your SPF, and grab yourself a pair of shades because the golden, springtime sun has finally come to Saint Martin’s!

I like to joke that the sun follows me everywhere, but, you see, it’s kind of true… We had an easy winter in Washington, it wasn’t too cold, we didn’t get too much snow, and the sun made an appearance for a few hours every day. Back on Maui however, locals are still facing winter weather and tropical storms! When I went home for winter break, the sun came out again, but the clouds reappeared the week after I left, and when I visited my brother in Montana for spring break, the temperature went all the way up to 60 degrees!

I love the sunshine, but I haven’t seen very much of it since I’ve been in Washington. That is… up until a few weeks ago.

sunny studying


The glorious sun has finally appeared and with it, temperatures have reached all the way up into the 80s! That’s right everyone—it’s time to break out the shorts and t-shirts and enjoy an iced beverage while sitting outside and enjoying the wonderful weather!

Here are some fun ideas on how to enjoy the sun on these, the last few weeks of spring, and the first few weeks of summer vacation…


Steal a snack like this little buddy!



Find some artsy inspiration right in Mother Nature’s back yard!



Give your plants some TLC with photosynthesis!



Take a break from studying and enjoy the sun with some friends!

Frisbee Gang


This Maui girl is enjoying her tan for now because the day I fly home, there’s a 100% chance of rain. But with smiling faces, family and friends, I’m bringing some sunshine home.

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